V-PLEX Assay Platform

V-PLEX: Consistent, Reliable, Validated...Time After Time


V-PLEX validated immunoassays deliver reproducible, reliable results to support the most demanding long-term studies. Offering exceptional dynamic range, high sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency, V-PLEX assays are available as individual analyte kits and in preconfigured and custom multiplex panels. Click the button below to obtain your customized V-PLEX assay kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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V-PLEX Quality

Learn more about our assay development, validation, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

V-PLEX Quality

V-PLEX Panels

V-PLEX assays are grouped into panels by species and analytical compatibility to ensure optimal and consistent performance.

V-PLEX Panels

NEW V-PLEX Serology Assays

Serology assays are available as multiplex panels for various research applications, including COVID-19, mpox and vaccinia viruses.

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Explore our extensive menu of V-PLEX and V-PLEX Plus assay kits for over 100 analytes. V-PLEX kits come with coated MULTI-SPOT plates, calibrators, individual labeled detection antibodies, optimized diluents, a comprehensive product insert, and a certificate of analysis. V-PLEX Plus kits also include controls, wash buffer, and plate seals for enhanced quality and convenience.