V-PLEX: Our Most Validated Assay Platform

V-PLEX: Consistent, Reliable, Validated...Time After Time


V-PLEX validated assays deliver reproducibility and reliability to support the most demanding long-term studies. V-PLEX assays maximize consistency in results and confidence in data.

Developed under design control and according to the FDA’s analytical validation guidelines, V-PLEX represents the highest quality assay available from MSD. Comprehensive testing of all raw materials and kit components combined with rigorous manufacturing and QC specifications ensure reproducible results time after time.

Offering exceptional dynamic range, high sensitivity, accurate results, and lot-to-lot consistency, V-PLEX kits are available as individual analyte kits, preconfigured multiplex panels, and custom multiplex panels.

Build your V-PLEX assay using our Assay Designer. Choose from an extensive analyte menu and customize your assay to your exact specifications.

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V-PLEX Quality

Learn more about our assay development, validation, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

V-PLEX Publications

Access over 100 publications on V-PLEX assays, including references, validation reports, and scientific posters.

V-PLEX Kit Options

All V-PLEX kits come with coated MULTI-SPOT plates, calibrators, individual labeled detection antibodies, optimized diluents, a comprehensive product insert, and a certificate of analysis. V-PLEX Plus kits also include controls, wash buffer, and plate seals for added quality and convenience.

Product Components V-PLEX Kits V-PLEX Plus Kits
Pre-coated, MULTI-SPOT plates
Individual detection antibodies
Optimized diluents
Comprehensive product insert
Certificate of analysis
Wash buffer  
Plate seals  
Number of Available Kits 315 315