Conjugation Services

MSD provides convenient custom Conjugation Services that leverage our expertise and knowledge in reagent manufacturing for conjugating biomolecules with either biotin or SULFO-TAG for use on our platform. Biotin-conjugated material may be used as either capture or detection reagent in MSD assays, whereas SULFO-TAG-conjugated molecules serve as detectors. Our standard Conjugation Service is available for antibodies, proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides.

MSD offers Gold Conjugation Service for antibodies that includes the benefits of our standard Conjugation Service plus additional characterization and quality assessment of the conjugated product. MSD GOLD Conjugation Service is critical for customers working in validated environments or conducting longitudinal studies that require high performance and reproducibility.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Key Benefits
  • Highly stable conjugates
  • Bulk conjugation available
  • Saves time, cost, and labor
Conjugation Services

Service MSD GOLD Conjugation Service MSD Conjugation Service
Antibody buffer exchanged to remove interfering materials
Add-on size exclusion chromatography to remove aggregates (optional)  
Pre-conjugation analytical reagent characterization  
Conjugation according to optimized procedures under MSD’s Quality Management System
Post-conjugation purification to remove free label
Post-conjugation measurement of labels per protein
Post-conjugation characterization  
Vialing service (optional)
Certificate of Analysis


* Includes characterization data


MSD GOLD Conjugation Service Packages

MSD offers a suite of service packages in conjunction with our Gold Conjugation Service to specifically support assay development programs. These services help in optimization of challenge ratios, assessment of raw material variability, as well as evaluation of reproducibility across multiple conjugations.

Additional Available Conjugation Chemistries

In addition to SULFO-TAG NHS-Ester, MSD also offers the following linker chemistries. These are available as custom products.

  1. SULFO-TAG thiol (reacts with maleimide groups)
  2. SULFO-TAG iodoacetamide (reacts with thiol groups)
  3. SULFO-TAG amine (reacts with carboxyl groups)
  4. SULFO-TAG hydrazide (reacts with carbohydrates)

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