ELISA Replacement

We provide scientific support, plates, and reagents for converting existing ELISAs to the MSD platform.

Compared to ELISA, MULTI-ARRAY technology offers increased dynamic range, improved sensitivity, reduced sample and reagent requirements, and a streamlined workflow.

Our platform provides flexibility in assay formats. For example: 

  • Sandwich immunoassays are used when a suitable antibody pair is available, providing high specificity and sensitivity.
  • Bridging immunoassays are often used for developing highly sensitive immunogenicity assays. 
  • Competitive immunoassays are useful when only one antibody is available or when the analyte is small enough that the binding of two antibodies may be sterically hindered. 
  • Direct binding assays can be used when only one antibody is available.

Typical parameters that can be tested and optimized when developing MSD assays include: 

  • Plate type. Assays can be developed on MSD Standard, High Bind, STREPTAVIDIN GOLD, Avidin Gold, or anti-species plates. Determining the plate type that will provide optimal assay performance is often an empirical process. Your local field application scientist can provide guidance on the optimal plate type for your assay.
  • Detection. Detection antibodies can be directly conjugated to SULFO-TAG to generate electrochemiluminescent signals, or detection reagents can be used in conjunction with SULFO-TAG conjugated streptavidin or anti-species antibodies.
  • Choice of antibodies. MSD technology enables you to quickly screen antibodies to identify an appropriate antibody pair and optimal antibody orientation (capture and detection) for sandwich immunoassays. 
  • Blocker. ELISA Conversion Packs include Blocker A and Blocker B for initial assay development. Other blocking solutions, including existing ELISA reagents can also be tested.


Once you have developed your MSD assay, you can either continue to coat your own plates, or you can use our Prototype Printing Service. This is a cost-effective way of creating novel singleplex or multiplex MSD immunoassays.

Please contact our Scientific Support team for additional guidance and a professional consultation.

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