U-PLEX Assay Platform

U-PLEX: Flexible Personalized Multiplexing

Design and run a personalized multiplex in your own lab without any additional equipment or time-consuming assay development. The flexibility of the U-PLEX platform empowers you to make personalized multiplex assay combinations quickly and easily.

Using the links below, build your custom U-PLEX assays, choose from one of our U-PLEX training options, or learn more about U-PLEX technology.

In your own lab, in your own time.

It's All About U

U-PLEX Assays

Design your own U-PLEX assay using our Assay Designer. Choose from a menu of MSD assays that can be combined with your own antibody sets for ultimate flexibility.

U-PLEX Technology

Learn how U-PLEX allows rapid and flexible creation of multiplex immunoassays in your own lab.

U-PLEX Training

Explore our comprehensive training options that deliver the confidence and skills needed to perform U-PLEX assays on your own.

View our NEW Th17-related assays here.

Comparison of U-PLEX with ELISA and Bead Based Multiplexing Technologies
Feature U-PLEX ELISA Bead-based
Sample Volume 25 µL 50-100 µL 50 µL
Dynamic Range 3-4 logs 1-2 logs 2-3 logs
Multiplex enabled Yes No Yes
Simple Protocol Yes No No
Number of washes
(between incubation steps)
3 4 3
Matrix effects No Yes Yes (bead aggregation)
Read Time 1 min 5 min 60 min
Instrument maintenance None Monthly calibration Clogging problems