U-PLEX Immuno-Oncology Assays

New U-PLEX Immuno-Oncology Assays  

Immuno-Oncology Research Applications

Great strides have been made in the field of cancer research as a result of harnessing native and modified cells of the immune system. Therapies using genetically modified T-cells have proven to be effective against certain hematologic malignancies. Antibodies that bind to checkpoint ligands and receptors have immensely increased the effectiveness of drug treatments and cell therapies against many types of cancers.

Discover new combinations with the quality and performance you expect from MSD.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  U-PLEX Assay Designer

Use the U-PLEX Assay Designer to create custom multiplex assays from a selection of MSD assays, your own antibodies, or a combination of both.

U-PLEX Combinations for Immuno-Oncology Research

U-PLEX Combos represent popular combinations of assays, grouped into separate catalog numbers for ordering convenience.

Species Name Catalog Number Assays
Human Angiogenesis Combo 1 K15339K NEW FGF (basic), PlGF, Tie‑2, VEGF‑A, VEGF‑D
Human CAR-T Cell Combo 1 K15338K NEW GM‑CSF, Granzyme A, Granzyme B, IFN‑γ, IL‑2, TNF‑α
Human Effector Cell Checkpoint Combo 1 K15341K NEW CD27, CD28, CD40L (soluble), CTLA‑4, GITR/TNFRSF18, HAVCR2/TIM‑3, LAG3, OX40/TNFRSF4, PD1 (epitope 1), TIGIT
Human Macrophage M1 Combo 1 K15336K NEW IL-1β, IL-6, IL-12p70, IL-18, IL-23, IP-10, MCP-1, MIP-1α, TNF-α
Human Macrophage M2 Combo 1 K15337K NEW Eotaxin-2, IL-4, IL-10, IL-13, M-CSF, MDC, TARC
Human Target Cell Checkpoint Combo 1 K15340K NEW CD276/B7‑H3, GITRL/TNFSF18, PD‑L1 (epitope 1), PD‑L2
Human Immuno-Oncology Group 1 111-Plex K15342K NEW BAFF, BAFF‑R/TNFRSF13C, BDNF, BCMA/TNFRSF17, CD20, CD27, CD276/B7‑H3, CD28, CD40L (soluble), C‑Peptide, CTACK, CTLA‑4, ENA‑78, Eotaxin, Eotaxin‑2, Eotaxin‑3, EPO, FGF (basic), FGF‑23, FLT3L, Fractalkine, FSH, G‑CSF, Ghrelin (active), Ghrelin (total), GIP (active), GIP (inactive), GIP (total), GITR/TNFRSF18, GITRL/TNFSF18, GLP‑1 (active), GLP‑1 (inactive), GM‑CSF, gp130 (soluble), Granzyme A, Granzyme B, GRO‑α, HAVCR2/TIM‑3, I‑309, IFN‑α2a, IFN‑β, IFN‑γ, IL‑1α, IL‑1β, IL‑1RA, IL‑2, IL‑2Rα, IL‑3, IL‑4, IL‑5, IL‑6, IL‑7, IL‑8, IL‑9, IL‑10, IL‑12/IL‑23p40, IL‑12p70, IL‑13, IL‑15, IL‑16, IL‑17A, IL‑17A/F, IL‑17C, IL‑17D, IL‑17E/IL‑25, IL‑17F, IL‑18, IL‑21, IL‑22, IL‑23, IL‑27, IL‑29/IFN‑λ1, IL‑31, IL‑33, Insulin, IP‑10, I‑TAC, LAG3, Leptin, LH, MCP‑1, MCP‑2, MCP‑4, M‑CSF, MDC, MIF, MIP‑1α, MIP‑1β, MIP‑5, OX40/TNFRSF4, PD1 (epitope 1), PD1 (epitope 2), PD‑L1 (epitope 1), PD‑L2, PIGF, PP, Proinsulin, PYY (total), RANKL/TNFSF11, SDF‑1α, Tie‑2, TIGIT, TLR1, TNF‑α, TNF‑β, TPO, TRAIL, TSLP, VEGF‑A, VEGF‑D, YKL‑40
Mouse Macrophage M1 Combo 1 K15408K NEW IL-1β, IL-6, IL-12p70, IL-15, IL-23, IP-10, MCP-1, MIP-1α, TNF-α
Mouse Macrophage M2 Combo 1 K15409K NEW IL-4, IL-10, IL-13, MDC, TARC

New Immuno-Oncology Assays

Individual assays can be configured into customized multiplex assays of your choice in either 96- or 384-well plates.

Combine MSD assays with your own assays or with R-PLEX Antibody Sets for a truly custom multiplex.

Description Catalog Number
CD20 K151F7K
CD27 K151G7K
CD276/B7-H3 K151E7K
CD28 K151H7K
CD40L (soluble) K151L7K
CTLA-4 K151R7K
FGF (basic) K151X7K
gp130 (soluble) K151P7K
Granzyme A K151G8K
Granzyme B K151H8K
Description Catalog Number
LAG3 K151Q7K
PD1 (epitope 1) K151U7K
PD1 (epitope 2) K151V7K
PD-L1 (epitope 1) K151Z7K
PD-L2 K151A8K
PlGF K151B8K
Tie-2 K151F8K
TLR1 K151J7K