U-PLEX: Flexible Personalized Multiplexing

U-PLEX Technology

U-PLEX Step Diagram

U-PLEX allows you to create your own multiplex assays for any combination of analytes easily in your own laboratory using two simple tools: a 10-spot U-PLEX plate and unique linkers.

In U-PLEX assays, biotinylated capture reagents are coupled to U-PLEX Linkers. The U-PLEX Linkers then self-assemble onto unique spots on the U-PLEX plate. After analytes in the sample bind to the capture reagents, detection antibodies conjugated with electrochemiluminescent labels (MSD GOLD SULFO-TAG) bind to the analytes to complete the sandwich immunoassay.

Once the sandwich immunoassay is complete, the plate is placed into an MSD instrument where the amount of analyte present in the sample is measured.

In addition to antibodies, U-PLEX is designed to be used with other readily available biotin-conjugated reagents including peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Below are representative data from U-PLEX assays.


U-PLEX Assays: Built on Quality Components

The U-PLEX technology is an open and highly flexible platform that delivers the quality for which MSD is known. Every order is filled with proven, high quality components that have been thoroughly characterized.

Quality Tested

Rigorous quality standards are applied and a wide range of performance measurements are taken during the development of every U-PLEX assay. Representative data for three performance measurements are presented below. In addition, precision, spike recovery, cross reactivity, and dilution linearity are also characterized. To learn more, view a representative datasheet.

Biomarker Titration

Standard curves and LLODs are generated from at least three experimental runs. U-PLEX curves typically show a 3-4 log dynamic range, allowing quantification in both normal and diseased/stimulated samples with minimal sample dilution.

U-PLEX Standard Curves


Lower Limit of Detection



Native Sample Testing

Testing of normal and diseased serum and plasma samples (n>3 of each) is part of every assay development. If an analyte is not detected, then samples are spiked with supernatants from cultured PBMCs that have been stimulated to secrete a wide array of biomarkers. Analyte concentrations from each sample are determined and plotted along with the LLOD for each standard.

U-PLEX Native Sample Testing Curve


Like all MSD products, U-PLEX assays are designed, developed, and manufactured under MSD’s stringent Quality Management System.

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