Metabolic U-PLEX Assays

U-PLEX: MSD Launches NEW Metabolic Assays


Metabolic-Related Research Applications

The complex pathologies of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome have driven an increased demand for quantitative measurement of biomarkers associated with these disease states. Obesity is directly related to increased risk for diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and metabolic syndrome. Novel proteomic technologies have helped define key serum biomarkers produced in the gut and adipose tissue and altered in abundance in disease states.

MSD provides solutions to support and simplify your metabolic research needs. We offer singleplex and multiplex assays to measure biomarkers such as GLP-1, glucagon, insulin, and leptin, in a variety of formats.

U-PLEX: MSD’s Most Flexible Assay Platform

The flexibility of the U-PLEX platform empowers you to make personalized multiplex assay combinations. Now you can build and run your multiplex assay at your convenience without any additional equipment or time-consuming assay development.

Discover new combinations with the quality and performance you expect from MSD.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Design Your Metabolic Multiplex

U-PLEX Combinations for Metabolic Research

U-PLEX Combinations represent popular combinations of assays, grouped into separate catalog numbers for ordering convenience.

Species Name Catalog Number Assays
Human Diabetes Combo 1 K15274K C‑Peptide, GIP (total), GLP‑1 (total), Glucagon, Insulin, Leptin, PYY (total)
Human Diabetes Combo 2 K15275K C‑Peptide, GIP (total), GLP‑1 (active), Glucagon, Insulin, Leptin, PYY (total)
Human Adipokine Combo 1 K15276K BDNF, β‑NGF, IL‑1β, IL‑6, IL‑8, IL‑10, Insulin, Leptin, MCP‑1, TNF‑α
Human Obesity Combo 1 K15277K BDNF, FGF‑21, Ghrelin (total), Glucagon, Leptin
Human Obesity Combo 2 K15278K C‑Peptide, FGF‑23, Ghrelin (total), GLP‑1 (total), Insulin, Leptin, PYY (total)
Human Metabolic Combo 1 K15281K BAFF, BDNF, β‑NGF, C‑Peptide, FGF‑21, FGF‑23, FSH, Ghrelin (active), Ghrelin (total), GIP (active), GIP (inactive), GIP (total), GLP‑1 (active), GLP‑1 (inactive), GLP‑1 (total), Glucagon, Insulin, Leptin, LH, PP, Proinsulin, PYY (total)

NEW Metabolic-Related Assays

Individual assays can be configured into customized multiplex combinations of your choice.

Combine MSD assays with your own assays or R-PLEX Antibody Sets for a truly custom multiplex.

Assays LLOD – ULOD
BAFF 0.05 – 500 pg/mL
BDNF 0.72 – 2,000 pg/mL
β-NGF 0.05 – 498 pg/mL
C-Peptide 14 – 7,610 pg/mL
FGF-21 2.8 – 8,230 pg/mL
FGF-23 0.75 – 3,000 pg/mL
FSH 9.0 – 75,000 µIU/mL
Ghrelin (active) 13 – 7,160 pg/mL
Ghrelin (total) 1.7 – 2,710 pg/mL
GIP (active) 1.3 – 1,920 pg/mL
GIP (inactive) 27 – 12,500 pg/mL
Assays LLOD – ULOD
GIP (total) 3.7 – 12,500 pg/mL
GLP-1 (active) 0.01 – 57 pM
GLP-1 (inactive) 1.5 – 576 pM
GLP-1 (total) 0.59 – 576 pM
Glucagon 0.13 – 156 pM
Insulin 0.32 – 736 µIU/mL
Leptin 14 – 47,500 pg/mL
LH 1.6 – 27,700 µIU/mL
PP 0.19 – 1,830 pg/mL
Proinsulin 0.05 – 130 pM
PYY (total) 2.7 – 2,260 pg/mL
Additional assays that are compatible with the above assays are available on the U-PLEX platform.
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