Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-A (VEGF-A), also known as Vascular Permeability Factor (VPF) is a glycosylated protein with five disulfide bonds. VEGF-A plays a crucial role in angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, and endothelial cell growth. VEGF-A induces endothelial cell proliferation, promotes cell migration, inhibits apoptosis, and induces permeabilization of blood vessels. VEGF-A binds to VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 receptors as well as to heparin and Neutropilin-1. There are numerous naturally occurring isoforms to VEGF-A. Its levels are associated with diabetes, renal cell carcinoma, and acute renal allograft rejection, along with other disorders.


VEGF-A Singleplex Products

Our VEGF-A immunoassays provide fast, accurate, reproducible, and highly sensitive measurements of VEGF-A. MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology uses simple protocols, requires minimal sample, and quantifies analyte concentration over a wide dynamic range.


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