Custom Assays

Combining our assays into efficient multiplexes can save both time and money. If we don’t already offer a panel that works for your application, we will help you design one.


Customized V‑PLEX Panels

MSD’s preconfigured V-PLEX panels can be customized to include only the validated assays needed for your particular research project. It is as easy as clicking the assays you want when you purchase your V-PLEX kit. Custom V-PLEX orders typically ship in 1 to 3 days.

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Customized Standard Panels

MSD’s standard panels can also be customized. Our Scientific Support team can advise you on analytical compatibility and will help you design a panel that most efficiently provides the measurements you need. Customized standard panels generally ship within 3 weeks.

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Special Order Kits

Special order kits allow customers to combine V-PLEX assays in new configurations or mix V-PLEX assays with selected assays from MSD’s standard menu. These special orders are usually fulfilled within 6 to 8 weeks.

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Assay Development Tools

MULTI-ARRAY technology is well-suited for developing unique assays in your lab. We offer a variety of assay development products to speed up the process. Our assay development specialists can guide you through the assay development process, or we can design an assay to fit your needs.

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