V-PLEX Assay Designer

Design Your V-PLEX Assay

The V‑PLEX product line provides validated assays in flexible formats. Search our products or use any of the paths on the right to find and configure a V‑PLEX assay that meets your research needs.

 You may start by:

  • Customizing a Panel. This path starts by listing our panels by species. Reconfigure any V‑PLEX panel to include only the assays you need.
  • Exploring Preconfigured Panels. Our preconfigured panels are designed to facilitate research in specific areas, such as inflammation or Alzheimer’s disease. Using this path, you can filter our preconfigured panels by application and species. Select the panel that best matches your research area. Purchase it as configured or customize it to fit your needs.
  • Finding Individual Assays. All of the assays included in our V‑PLEX panels are available as individual assays. Browse this list to find the validated assay you need. You can filter the list by application, species, or analyte.


You may request a formal quote from your cart before purchasing. 

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