U-PLEX Metabolic Combo 1 (human)

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U-PLEX Combos offer popular panels of biomarkers that have been grouped together for convenient ordering. They have been tested for multiplex compatibility and are fulfilled as a kit. The U-PLEX Metabolic Combo 1 (human) is an extensive combination of assays for human metabolic biomarkers (Table 1). The assays can be used for quantitative measurements in the sample types listed in the "Specifications" tab below, and offer detection limits (LLODs) in the sub- to low pg/mL range.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
BAFF0.047 - 500pg/mL
BDNF0.72 - 2,000pg/mL
β-NGF0.052 - 498pg/mL
C-Peptide14 - 7,610pg/mL
FGF-212.8 - 8,230pg/mL
FGF-230.75 - 3,000pg/mL
FSH9.0 - 75,000µIU/mL
Ghrelin (active)13 - 7,160pg/mL
Ghrelin (total)1.7 - 2,710pg/mL
GIP (active)1.3 - 1,920pg/mL
GIP (inactive)27 - 12,500pg/mL
AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
GIP (total)3.7 - 12,500pg/mL
GLP-1 (active)0.014 - 57pM
GLP-1 (inactive)1.5 - 576pM
GLP-1 (total)0.59 - 576pM
Glucagon0.13 - 156pM
Insulin0.32 - 736µIU/mL
Leptin14 - 47,500pg/mL
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)1.6 - 27,700µIU/mL
PP0.19 - 1,830pg/mL
Proinsulin0.054 - 130pM
PYY (total)2.7 - 2,260pg/mL

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