U-PLEX Ghrelin (active) Antibody Set


The U-PLEX platform offers validated components that can be combined to create high quality assays quickly and easily. The U-PLEX Ghrelin (active) Antibody Set is a matched pair of antibodies that can be used (with other U-PLEX components such as plates, calibrators, diluents, and MSD GOLD Read Buffer B) to build U-PLEX assays that measure Ghrelin (active). These assays can measure Ghrelin (active) alone or in multiplex panels with other biomarkers. The Product Inserts in the “Documentation” tab (below) provide detailed instructions for building assays with U-PLEX Antibody Sets. 

For information on multiplexing Ghrelin (active) with other analytes, please see  U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (hu) Assays, U-PLEX Immuno-Oncology Group 1 (hu) Assays, U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (ms) Assays, or U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (rat) Assays

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