Assay analysis with simplicity, speed, security

DISCOVERY WORKBENCH software is designed for acquiring and analyzing assay data using MSD instruments. Version 4.0 includes features designed to increase efficiency and improve the quality of your data.

This release improves the user experience with an intuitive graphical interface and powerful tools. Tools for plate layout and experimental design simplify workflows. Enhanced functions for data analysis and visualization make generating reports and presentations easy.

DISCOVERY WORKBENCH 4.0 desktop edition is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7. It includes enhanced features for security, control, and auditing. Access, permissions, analysis templates and other settings can all be controlled through configuration management. Validation packages are also available for purchase.

To upgrade the software on an installed instrument’s computer,  contact your MSD Account Manager or Technical Support..

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Free Subscription:
for Desktop

DISCOVERY WORKBENCH 4.0 is also available in a desktop version for office PCs. Analyze your data conveniently on any Windows computer. The desktop edition includes all of the analysis, database management, and data integrity tools that are included in DISCOVERY WORKBENCH 4.0 for MSD instruments.

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