Kit Layout EditorDISCOVERY WORKBENCH software is designed for acquiring and analyzing assay data with ease and accuracy. The software also provides the layout of each assay within a well for all MSD multiplex panels, eliminating the need for a manual assignment of assays. The selected layout file can be associated with a plate either in the setup before reading the plate or with the experiment file after the plate is read.


Accessing New Kit Layouts

The instrument DISCOVERY WORKBENCH 4.0 contains kit layouts for the majority of our panels. However, due to continuous expansion of our assay menu, MSD will periodically release a suite of free, downloadable kit layout files (Add-in) for your specific instrument type as well as your desktop computer. You can access the Add-in through our document repository or by viewing the Resources tab on any assay product page.




Installing New Kit Layouts

Kit layouts are installed via the DISCOVERY WORKBENCH software Add-in functionality from an instrument computer or desktop application. To protect your assay analysis data you will need to be logged in as the Configuration Manager before attempting to install the kit layout add-in file. The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the kit layout file installation. 

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