R-PLEX Assay Platform

R-PLEX: Matched Antibody Sets


Matched Antibody Sets for Singleplex and Multiplex Assays 

NEW R-PLEX Antibody Sets are a fast, easy way to design a high-performance singleplex or multiplex immunoassay that delivers all of the advantages of MSD MULTI-ARRAY technology. Each R-PLEX Antibody Set contains a biotinylated capture antibody, SULFO-TAG labeled detection antibody, and a calibrator.

To get started quickly, begin typing the name of an analyte in the search box, then select from the list. See the full list of R-PLEX analytes below.


Choose the plate type depending on the specific application – singleplex assays are created on MSD GOLD Small Spot Streptavidin plates, while multiplex assays are designed by combining R-PLEX Antibody Sets on U-PLEX plates. Need more assay options? R-PLEX sets can be multiplexed with our extensive selection of U-PLEX Antibody Sets.

Customize Your R-PLEX Multiplex Assay


To design a multiplex assay using R-PLEX Antibody Sets, with or without U-PLEX Antibody Sets, use our R-PLEX Assay Designer.

With new antibody sets added often, the ever-expanding R-PLEX portfolio is well-suited to measure biomarkers in a wide range of research areas including cancer, inflammation, immunology, metabolism, obesity, cell signaling, immunotherapy and neurodegeneration. R-PLEX Antibody Sets are screened with relevant sample types including serum and plasma.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Representative Calibration Curves and Sensitivity
R-PLEX Curve
Representative data from three R-PLEX Antibody Sets multiplexed on U-PLEX plates. The data represent the superior performance of MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology with high sensitivity and large dynamic range.


Available R-PLEX Analytes
Species - Human
Species - Non-human primate