MSD GOLD Read Buffer A

MSD GOLD products provide a rapid and convenient method for the development of new immunoassays and the transfer of existing ELISAs utilizing the benefits of MSD’s highly sensitive electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology. Read buffer is an essential component of MSD immunoassays and is required for the generation of ECL signals. MSD GOLD Read Buffer A has stringent quality control release criteria that ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility, consistent with other products in the MSD GOLD product line. The specifications are designed to meet the requirements of critical assays and longitudinal studies.

MSD GOLD Read Buffer A is provided at the working concentration for most assays and we recommend using MSD GOLD Read Buffer A at the supplied concentration without any dilution. At this concentration, MSD GOLD Read Buffer A can be used as a replacement for 2X MSD Read Buffer T.

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