ELISA Comparison

Developing novel immunoassays using MSD’s platform is fast and easy, and transferring existing ELISAs can often be accomplished with minimal optimization in less than 2 days. 
Our MULTI-ARRAY technology provides inherently better sensitivity and a broader dynamic range than ELISAs. This means fewer samples fall below the assay detection range. 

Compared to ELISA technology, MSD assays:

ELISA replacement graph
  • Require far less sample 
  • Provide more sensitive and precise results
  • Handle complex biological matrices easily
  • Use simpler, faster protocols
  • Quantify up to 10 analytes per well
  • Measure elevated and normal expression samples without multiple dilutions


Unlike standard ELISA plate readers, MSD instruments provide increased throughput with fast read times (1–3 minutes per plate) and no downtime for cleaning or user maintenance.

Sample volume requirement 50–100 μL (per analyte) 10–25 μL (up to 10 analytes)
Multiplex panels No 10 analytes simultaneously
Flexible panel configuration No Yes (U-PLEX)
Dynamic range 1–2 logs 3–4+ logs
Matrix effects Yes Greatly reduced
Simple protocols No Yes
Wash steps Many Typically 1–3
Read times Slow Up to 960 results in 1 to 3 min
Rapid throughput No Yes
Instrument maintenance Daily cleaning and calibration No user maintenance required

*Kruse N, Schulz-Schaeffer WJ, Schlossmacher MG, Mollenhauer B. Development of electrochemiluminescence-based singleplex and multiplex assays for the quantification of α-synuclein and other proteins in cerebrospinal fluid. Methods. 2012;56:514-8.

For more information on converting an existing ELISA to the MSD platform, contact an account manager

For more information on how our technology compares to others, download our technology brochure.


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