Instrument Comparison

MSD has an instrument to fit every application and budget.

  • The MESO SECTOR S 600 reader is our flagship product. Its high-speed, large format CCD camera reads all SECTOR plates in just 70 seconds (50 plates per hour throughput) with industry-leading sensitivity.
  • The MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 represents affordable luxury, offering outstanding performance and flexibility in a compact package. It reads the 96-well SECTOR plate types by imaging four wells at a time, and also reads the new QUICKPLEX plates one well at a time for enhanced precision.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  SECTOR S 600 QuickPlex SQ 120
Detection Technology CCD Camera CCD Camera
Multiplex Capability Yes Yes
Plate Type Compatibility SECTOR SECTOR
Plate Read Time * 1 min, 10 sec SECTOR:1 min, 30 sec
QUICKPLEX:2 min, 45 sec
Automation Integration Yes Yes
Barcode Reader Dual,
Plate Type    
1-spot, 96-well
4-spot, 96-well
7-spot, 96-well
10-spot, 96-well
1-spot, 384-well  
4-spot, 384-well  
1-spot, 96-well  
* The SECTOR S 600 and QuickPlex SQ 120 read multiplex and singleplex plates at the same rate.
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