SECTOR plates are designed for MSD’s high-performance imaging readers. The wells of SECTOR plates are imaged simultaneously in groups (or “sectors”) for faster read times. SECTOR plates are available in 96- and 384-well formats in both MULTI-ARRAY (1-spot) and MULTI-SPOT (4-, 7-, and 10-spot) configurations. 96-well SECTOR plates are compatible with MSD’s SECTOR Imagers and the MESO QuickPlex SQ 120. 384-well SECTOR plates can be read on SECTOR Imagers only. MSD offers an extensive catalog of complete assay kits, custom assays, and components for assay development using SECTOR plates.


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96-Well Small Spot

96-Well 4 Spot*

96-Well 7 Spot*

96-Well 10 Spot*


384-Well 4 Spot*



*Available coating: Cytokines / phosphoprotein / biomarkers / custom
MULTI-SPOT plates are provided pre-coated for a variety of assays. Please contact MSD for a complete list of our multiplex panels for cytokines, biomarkers, and cell pathway related analytes.
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