Customize a U-PLEX Assay With the Assay Designer

The U-PLEX platform allows you to create custom panels quickly in your own lab from a selection of MSD assays, your own antibodies, or a combination of both.

Design your customized U-PLEX panel by following the steps below.

Step 1. Choose your species of interest to see available assays.
Step 2. Select desired assays from the U-PLEX assay list
Step 3. If you will be using your own antibodies, select the number of open spots required
Step 4. Select your plate quantity

The final step in the process is to review and confirm your selection and request a quote.  One of our Customer Service Representatives will e-mail your quote within the next business day.

Select Species, U-PLEX Assay(s), Open Spot(s), and Plate Quantity