U-PLEX Advantage

U-PLEX - Flexible Personalized Multiplexing

Multiplexing Made Efficient. Versatile. Limitless.

Efficient – Simple protocols shorten the time to results with up to 96 samples read in under 2 minutes. Instruments operate without complicated fluidics or calibrations and without the long processing times common in other systems.

Versatile – Design and develop assays easily with any set of antibody pairs, a menu of ready-to-use U-PLEX assays, or a combination of both.

Limitless – Use readily available biotin-conjugated reagents including peptides, proteins, small molecule drugs and nucleic acids. The U-PLEX platform works with more than just antibodies; the combinations are endless.

Save on samples by using less volume per well and still get more accurate data with a greater dynamic range than other multiplex platforms.


MSD’s Advantages

The combination of electrochemiluminescence and MULTI‑ARRAY technologies provides unsurpassed sensitivity and multiplex capabilities, making this an exceptional detection system for everything from basic research to biomarker identification to long term drug development studies.

  • Defined spots create a multiplex assay within the well: no bead counting, clogging, bead loss, or clumping that can affect your results.
  • Stimulation and detection are decoupled, resulting in reduced background, and greater sensitivity, dynamic range, and data quality.
  • Detection is accomplished using a high performance camera, reducing plate read time to less than 2 minutes for 96 wells and eliminating the need for fluorescence compensation.

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If your research involves studies where lot-to-lot reproducibility and consistency of results are critical, MSD offers V-PLEX preconfigured kits. All V-PLEX products are formally validated and have guaranteed performance specifications, providing confidence for long term studies and demanding applications.


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