Soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (sVEGFR-1, FLT, FLT-1, FMS-Like Tyrosine Kinase 1, VEGFR1) is a type I membrane protein as well as soluble protein. Flt-1 has seven Ig-like C2-type domains and one tyrosine kinase domain. It is produced in most vascular endothelial cells but also in peripheral blood monocytes. Flt-1 exists mostly in lung cells but also in heart, liver, kidney, placenta and brain tissue. It is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation and vascular development. Flt-1 has been shown to mediate monocyte migration, recruit endothelial cell progenitors, improve hematopoietic stem cell survival, and release growth factors from liver endothelial cells. Flt-1 signaling has also been implicated in tumor metastasis.


VEGFR-1/Flt-1 Singleplex Products

Our VEGFR-1/Flt-1 immunoassays provide fast, accurate, reproducible, and highly sensitive measurements of VEGFR-1/Flt-1. MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology uses simple protocols, requires minimal sample, and quantifies analyte concentration over a wide dynamic range.


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