MSD GOLD Immunoassay Plates

High sensitivity, Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency, Highly suited for long-term studies

MSD offers a new Gold standard in streptavidin and avidin-coated plates that empower you to develop a range of high quality immunoassays for biomarker discovery, immunogenicity evaluation, vaccine studies, serology, companion diagnostics, personalized medicine, and screening applications.

MSD GOLD High Bind Avidin Plates

  • Well suited for applications that require a larger dynamic range as compared to that offered by our streptavidin-coated plates.
  • Higher binding capacity but often lower sensitivity as compared to MSD GOLD Streptavidin plates.

MSD GOLD Streptavidin Plates

  • Widely adopted in the field for immunogenicity as well as other assay development applications
  • Best suited for homogeneous assays or bridging assays
  • Improved free drug tolerance compared to ELISA

MSD GOLD Small Spot Streptavidin Plates

  • Offers higher signals and superior sensitivity compared to MSD GOLD Streptavidin Plates.
  • Requires less capture reagent compared to MSD GOLD Streptavidin plates.


Choose the right plate type for your application

Selection of the right plate type is critical for assay development. The three different MSD GOLD plate types listed above have different properties and offer unique advantages.

MSD Gold Plates Curves
MSD GOLD Plate Type Binding Capacity (IgG)* Assay Sensitivity Dynamic Range
High Bind Avidin
0.6 pmol/well

0.3 pmol/well
Small Spot Streptavidin
0.075 pmol/well

* These values are for IgGs and may vary for non-IgG proteins. For reference, 25 µL/well of 1 µg/mL of antibody is 0.167 pmol.


Instrument Compatibility

  • MSD GOLD SECTOR plates are compatible with MSD’s SECTOR Imagers and MESO QuickPlex SQ 120
  • MSD GOLD QuickPlex plates are compatible with the MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 instrument only


Assay Formats

Typical formats for assays developed using MSD GOLD Streptavidin- and Avidin-coated plates are similar to that of ELISAs using biotinylated capture reagents. Examples of some of the assay formats that can be developed on MSD GOLD Streptavidin- and Avidin-coated plates are illustrated below.

Biomarker Assays

Figure AFigure B

Serology Assay

Figure C


Bridging Immunogenicity Assay

Figure D

Direct Immunogenicity

Figure EFigure F


MSD GOLD Immunoassay Plates
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