V-PLEX Plus Human VEGF-D Kit


Vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGF-D), also known as c-Fos-induced growth factor, is structurally and functionally related to VEGF-C. VEGF-D initiates signal transduction cascades by binding VEGFR2/Flk-1 and VEGFR3/Flt-4 with similar biological outcomes, including angiogenesis, endothelial cell proliferation and migration, and blood vessel permeability. VEGF-D also modulates venous and lymphatic vascular systems formation during embryogenesis and maintains differentiated lymphatic endothelium in adults. The Human VEGF-D Kit provides the assay-specific components for the quantitative determination of VEGF-D in human serum, plasma, cell supernatant, cerebral spinal fluid, urine, and cell lysate.

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