V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex Kit


V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex Overview
The V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex is optimized for long-term and multi-site biomarker studies that require reliable, reproducible results with lot-to-lot consistency. The V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex includes 46 key analytes that are important in inflammation response and immune system regulation as well as numerous other biological processes. To learn more about the advantages of V-PLEX assays click here.
All V-PLEX kits come with coated plates, calibrators, labeled detection antibodies, optimized diluents, a comprehensive product insert, and a certificate of analysis. V-PLEX Plus kits also include controls, wash buffer, and plate seals for added quality and convenience.

V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex Features

  • Validated to measure 46 biomarkers in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, PBMCs, and urine
  • Easily customized to create subset multiplexes via the V-PLEX Assay Designer

Typical Data
Calibration curve accuracy and precision for each analyte in the V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex were assessed and the representative data are presented below.

Figure 1. V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex Overview Data
Human Biomarker 46-Plex Data
V-PLEX Plus Human Biomarker 46-Plex

Description -The 46 assays in the Human Biomarker 46-Plex are provided in six multiplex panels— Angiogenesis Panel 1 (human), Chemokine Panel 1 (human), Cytokine Panel 1 (human), TH17 Panel 1 (human), Proinflammatory Panel 1 (human), and Vascular Injury Panel 2 (human). The panels are optimized to achieve the highest level of performance from each assay, providing efficient biomarker screening and profiling without compromising performance. This product includes an extensive combination of assays for human cytokines and chemokines that are involved in many biological processes such as inflammation, the Th1, Th2, and Th17 pathways, chemotaxis, angiogenesis, and immune system regulation. Concentrations of all 46 analytes can be measured using a total sample volume of 150 μL.

Disease Focus - Wide ranging, including multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, asthma, lupus, angiogenesis, psoriasis, cancer, wound healing, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Application Area - Inflammation, cytokines and chemokines

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