U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (NHP)


U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (NHP) Overview
The U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (NHP) contains nine key TH1/TH2 pathway markers grouped together for ordering convenience. U-PLEX assays demonstrate high sensitivity, excellent precision, and up to 5-logs of linear dynamic range. U-PLEX assays are read in less than 90 seconds on any MSD instrument, using no complicated fluidics or calibration procedures.

U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (NHP) Features
  • Simple protocol similar to ELISAs, yet uses less sample and yields multiplex results
  • Measures nine non-human primate (NHP) TH1/TH2 biomarkers in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants
  • Straightforward three step process to prepare and run the assay

U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (NHP)
Description - This Combo includes assays for a set of nine NHP T helper cytokines that are involved in the initial inflammatory response (TH1) and its subsequent long term adaptation and return to homeostasis (TH2). It is critical that the proper balance between these two branches of the immune system be maintained so that foreign matter is recognized and destroyed while native tissue is preserved.

Disease Research Area - Research into the TH1/TH2 balance; studying various stages of infection.

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