U-PLEX TGF-β Combo (NHP) Overview
The U-PLEX TGF-β Combo (NHP) contains 3 biomarkers grouped together for ordering convenience. To learn more about the advantages of U-PLEX assays click here.

U-PLEX TGF-β Combo (NHP) Features
  • Measure 3 NHP biomarkers in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants
  • Create custom analyte subsets via the U-PLEX Assay Designer
  • LLODs range from 1.4 pg/mL to 9.1 pg/mL

Typical Data
Calibration curve accuracy and precision for each analyte in the U-PLEX TGF-β Combo (NHP) were assessed in multiplex format. Representative lower limits of detection from those assessments are presented below.

Figure 1. U-PLEX NHP TGF-β Combo Data
NHP TGF-β Combo Data
U-PLEX TGF-β Combo (NHP)

Description - Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) is a family of pleiotropic cytokines with at least three isoforms (TGF-β1, β2, and β3) that signal (as either homodimers or heterodimers) through three receptors – TGFβR1 (ALK5), TGFβR2 and TGFβR3 (β-glycan). TGF-βs are secreted by a wide variety of cell types. TGF-βs perform many cellular functions that regulate cell proliferation, growth, differentiation, motility, and apoptosis.

Disease Focus/Application Area - Wide ranging, including renal fibrosis, developmental disorders, cancer, arthritis, and glaucoma.

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