U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Assay


U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Assay Overview
The U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Assay maximizes your flexibility to design an experiment that measures MIP-1α alone or multiplexed with other MSD U-PLEX assays, your own antibody pairs, or a combination of both. This assay accurately quantitates native and recombinant mouse MIP-1α in multiple sample types. To learn more about the advantages of U-PLEX assays click here.

U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Assay Features
  • Measures mouse MIP-1α in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants
  • Dynamic range: 0.21 pg/mL – 2,100 pg/mL
  • LLOD: 0.21 pg/mL

Typical Data
Calibration curve accuracy and precision for the U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Assay were assessed and representative data are presented below.

Figure 1. U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Calibration Curve
Mouse MIP-1α Calibrator Curve
Figure 2. U-PLEX Mouse MIP-1α Data
Mouse MIP-1α Calibrator Curve Data
MIP-1α Analyte

Description - Mouse macrophage inflammatory protein 1α (CCL3, GOS19-1, SCYA3; Gene ID: 20302) is a chemokine with inflammatory and chemotactic properties. It attracts T cells, B cells, monocytes, and eosinophils. MIP-1α binds to CCR1, CCR4, and CCR5, and like MIP-1β, it is one of the major HIV suppressive factors produced by CD8+ T cells. MIP-1α also induces mast cell degranulation and NK cell activation.

Disease Focus/Application Area - Multiple myeloma, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, and sepsis.

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