U-PLEX Mouse IL-17F Assay


U-PLEX Mouse IL-17F Assay Overview
The U-PLEX Mouse IL-17F Assay maximizes your flexibility to design an experiment that measures IL-17F alone or multiplexed with MSD U-PLEX assays, your own antibody pairs, or a combination of both. U-PLEX assays demonstrate high sensitivity, excellent precision, and up to 5-logs of linear dynamic range. Plates are read in less than 90 seconds on any MSD instrument, using no complicated fluidics or calibration procedures.

U-PLEX Mouse IL-17F Assay Features
  • Simple protocol similar to ELISAs, yet uses less sample
  • Measures mouse IL-17F in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants
  • Create custom multiplexes using a selection of U-PLEX assays, your own antibody pairs or both

Assay Format
  • Singleplex – includes MSD GOLD Small Spot Streptavidin Plates
  • Multiplex – includes U-PLEX multiplex plates
  • Both formats use the same assay components for efficient transfer between single- and multiplex configurations.

IL-17F Analyte
Description- Mouse IL-17F is a cross-linked homodimer, a prototypical biomarker for TH17 cells, and is closely related to IL-17A. IL-17A can pair with IL-17F to form the IL-17A/F* heterodimer of intermediate activity. IL-17F has greater affinity for IL-17RC receptor while IL-17A prefers IL-17RA, so some target-based differentiation is obtained when more than 1 of the possible 3 dimers is present. This cytokine is also found to inhibit the angiogenesis of endothelial cells and induce endothelial cells to produce IL-2, TGF-β, and MCP-1.

Disease Focus - Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (linked to mutations in IL-17F), inflammation related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

*NOTE: U-PLEX Mouse IL-17A Assay should not be combined in the same plate with the U-PLEX Mouse IL-17F if IL-17A/F is present.

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