U-PLEX Macrophage M1 Combo 1 (hu)


U-PLEX Combos offer popular panels of biomarkers that have been grouped together for convenient ordering. They have been tested for multiplex compatibility and are fulfilled as a kit. The U-PLEX Macrophage M1 Combo 1 (hu) combines 9 analytes (Table 1) that have been associated with phagocytosis. The assays can be used for quantitative measurements of the sample type(s) listed in the "Specifications" tab below, and offer detection limits (LLODs) in the sub- to low pg/mL range.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODUnit
IL-1β0.15 - 3,820pg/mL
IL-60.33 - 1,980pg/mL
IL-182.5 - 42,000pg/mL
IL-230.90 – 7,600pg/mL
IL-12p700.69 - 5,320pg/mL
IP-100.49 - 6,000pg/mL
MCP-10.74 - 6,560pg/mL
MIP-1α7.7 - 4,200pg/mL
TNF-α0.51 - 3,650pg/mL

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