U-PLEX Biomarker Group 3 Human 21-Plex

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The U-PLEX Biomarker Group 3 Human 21-Plex is a panel of biomarkers (Table 1) that has been tested for multiplex compatibility and is fulfilled as a kit. It contains a mix of inflammatory biomarkers, metabolic markers, and emerging biomarkers that are related to other diseases. The assays can be used for quantitative measurements of the sample types listed in the "Specifications" tab below, and offer detection limits (LLODs) in the sub- to low pg/mL range.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
A2M13.2 - 32,000pg/mL
Adiponectin1.46 - 5,000pg/mL
ApoA14.93 - 25,000pg/mL
ApoC31.06 - 10,000pg/mL
CA11.01 - 6,000pg/mL
Clusterin57.7 - 500,000pg/mL
Complement C910.3 - 70,000pg/mL
Complement factor D0.31 - 3,000pg/mL
CRP0.92 - 2,170pg/mL
Cystatin C23.9 - 20,000pg/mL
DPPIV0.85 - 7,000pg/mL
AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
Factor VII0.60 - 6,000pg/mL
ICAM-10.11 - 1,930pg/mL
NGAL/LCN20.78 - 4,000pg/mL
RBP43.78 - 4,000pg/mL
SAA1.60 - 16,200pg/mL
Serpin A15.52 - 22,000pg/mL
SHBG3.52 - 25,000pg/mL
sTfR-10.29 - 3,000pg/mL
VCAM-17.78 - 20,500pg/mL
VWF67.4 - 100,0000pg/mL

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