R-PLEX Human TECK/CCL25 Assay

Human TECK CCL25 Calibrator Curve K151E1R
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The R-PLEX platform offers both antibody sets and assays for a wide menu of biomarkers. The R-PLEX Human TECK/CCL25 Assay has the essential components to build an assay that measures TECK/CCL25 in a single analyte format. For information on multiplexing TECK/CCL25 with other analytes, please see the R-PLEX Assay Designer or the R-PLEX Human TECK/CCL25 Antibody Set.

The Product Insert for R-PLEX Assays provides detailed instructions for building a singleplex assay. The datasheet for TECK/CCL25 provides information on the components (including calibrator stock concentration), recommended sample types and dilution factors, and representative data for analytical performance. These items and other helpful documents can be found in the "Documentation" tab below.

Related Key Terms
C-C motif chemokine 25, TECK, thymus-expressed chemokine, SCYA25, chemokine, chemoattractant, thymocytes, macrophages, CCR9 ligand

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