Mouse MIP-3α Antibody

The Mouse MIP-3α Antibody is a SULFO-TAG conjugated detection antibody for MIP-3α. It is the same detection antibody that is in the V-PLEX Mouse MIP-3α Assay. Detection antibody is supplied as a 50X concentrated solution. Mouse macrophage inflammatory protein 3α (CCL20, SCYA20, LARC, CKb4; Gene ID: 20297) is a chemokine with inflammatory and homeostatic functions. Initially identified in the liver, MIP-3α is expressed in lymphatic tissue, lung tissue, macrophages, dendritic cells, B- and T- lymphocytes, and eosinophilic granulocytes as well as in normal colon, pancreas, prostate, uterine cervix, and skin. MIP-3α is a ligand for the CCR6 receptor; it is also chemotactic for CCR6+ cells such as dendritic cells and Th17 T cells.

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