Mouse IL-17E/IL-25 Antibody

The Mouse IL-17E/IL-25 Antibody is a SULFO-TAG conjugated detection antibody for IL-17E/IL-25. It is the same detection antibody that is in the V-PLEX Mouse IL-17E/IL-25 Assay. Detection antibody is supplied as a 50X concentrated solution. Mouse IL-17E (also known as IL-25) is one of 6 homologically related peptides in the IL-17 family. It is a mediator of allergic reactions and protects against intestinal parasites including helminths. IL-17E is upregulated in epithelial cells, TH2 cells, eosinophils and basophils and may contribute to chronic inflammatory responses. It activates NF-κB and stimulates IL-8 production. This is in contrast to other IL-17 family members that promote TH1 and TH17-like responses.

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