Human α-Synuclein Calibrator

Alpha-synuclein is a 140 amino acid protein that is abundantly expressed in the nervous system and genetically linked to Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is thought to maintain synaptic integrity and normal cellular homeostasis through synaptic vesicle recycling and neurotransmitter release modulation. As native α-synuclein unfolds, it has a propensity to form toxic soluble oligomers (i.e., protofibrils) that ultimately aggregate into insoluble fibrils known as Lewy bodies (LBs). Aberrant α-synuclein pathology is prevalent among neurological samples from patients with α-synuclein-related conditions, commonly referred to as “synucleinopathies.” Alpha-synuclein has been detected in several biological matrices, such as cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, saliva, serum, and whole blood.

Human α-Synuclein Calibrator is a recombinant human α-synuclein protein, (residues 1-140), expressed in E.coli. It is supplied as a 20X concentrated frozen liquid. Analyte concentration is provided in the lot-specific certificate of analysis (COA).

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