Calibrator 4

Calibrator 4 is a lyophilized blend of seven recombinant human proteins: CTACK, ENA‑78, Fractalkine, I‑TAC, MIP‑3α, MIP-3β, and SDF-1α. It was developed for use as an assay calibrator for MSD U-PLEX human and non-human primate assays that measure any of the included proteins. The utility of this product has not been evaluated in other applications. Individual analyte concentrations are provided in the lot-specific certificates of analysis. Calibrator 4 includes CTACK, ENA‑78, I‑TAC, MIP‑3α, MIP-3β, SDF-1α expressed in E. coli, and Fractalkine expressed in mouse myeloma cells. The instructions on using Calibrator 4 in U-PLEX assays are provided in U-PLEX Biomarker Group 1 Human Product Inserts and U-PLEX Biomarker Group 1 NHP Product Inserts.

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