MULTI-ARRAY Technology

MULTI-ARRAY technology combines electrochemiluminescence and arrays to bring speed and high density of information to biological assays. In combination with MULTI-SPOT plates, this technology enables precise quantitation of multiple analytes in a single sample requiring less time and effort than other assay platforms.

MULTI-SPOT plates, which offer arrays within the well for increased throughput and assay multiplexing, are available in 96- and
384-well formats, with up to 10 spots per well.


Advantages of MULTI-ARRAY technology:
  • Conserves valuable samples by allowing multiple results from very low sample volumes
  • Achieves sensitivity and speed comparable to conventional single-analyte assays with excellent precision across a wide dynamic range
  • Enables the measurement of native levels of biomarkers in normal and diseased samples without multiple dilutions
Represenative Data
Representative data from clinical samples using MSD Human TH1/TH2 10-Plex Assay.

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