Assay for ubiquitin ligase activity: high-throughput screen for inhibitors of HDM2.

Davydov, I.V., Woods, D., Safiran, Y.J., Oberoi, P., Fearnhead, H.O., Fang, S., Jensen, J.P., Weissman, A.M., Kenten, J.H., Vousden, K.H.
Journal   J Biomol Screen.
Analytes Measured   MDM2
Matrix Tested   Assay buffer
Year   2004
Volume   9
Page Numbers   695-703
Application   Phosphoproteins
An assay for the autoubiquitination activity of the E3 ligase HDM2 (Mdm2) was developed and adapted to a high-throughput format to identify inhibitors of this activity. The assay can also be used to measure the activity of other E3s and may be useful in finding both inhibitors and activators of a wide range of different ubiquitin ligases.

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