MSD offers instruments to fit every application, budget, and research environment. Our MESO SECTOR S 600 is ideal for applications requiring high information content and high throughput. The MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 is a compact, affordable multiplexing imager with exceptional performance. 

All MSD instruments use our proprietary MULTI-ARRAY technology to provide unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range, simple protocols, rapid and continuous reads, and fast, well-organized results via DISCOVERY WORKBENCH assay analysis software. They require no customer calibration or maintenance, no complicated fluidics, and no between-read cleaning.

Whether you are multiplexing biomarker and cytokine assays, testing for immunogenicity or toxicity, or developing your own unique assays, you will appreciate the fast, simple assay processing, low sample volume requirements, and minimal consumption of reagents that our advanced technology makes possible.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.




MESO QuickPlex SQ 120

QuickPlex SQ 120

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Performance Qualification Kits
Instrument Model Catalog Number Product Insert
MESO SECTOR S 600 R31QQ-3 View
MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 R31QQ-3 View
SECTOR Imager 6000 R31QQ-3 View
SECTOR Imager 2400 R31QQ-3 View