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MSD has developed proprietary technology for the measurement of molecules in biological samples. Our technology enables researchers to profile biomarkers such as cytokines and intracellular signaling proteins, which has a direct impact on drug discovery and improving human health. MSD’s combination of electrochemiluminescence and MULTI‑ARRAY technology provides unsurpassed sensitivity and multiplex functionality making it an exceptional detection system.



Electrochemiluminescence detection offers a unique combination of sensitivity, dynamic range, and convenience that cannot be matched by other detection technologies. Our detection system achieves reliable, high quality data in a wide variety of sample types, making it ideal for all of your biological assay needs.

MULTI-ARRAY Technology

MULTI-ARRAY technology combines electrochemiluminescence and arrays to bring speed and high density of information to biological assays. This technology is applied to MULTI-SPOT plates to enable precise quantitation of multiple analytes in a single sample, which requires less time and effort than other assay platforms.


Our instruments use MULTI-ARRAY technology to provide robust electrochemiluminescence immunoassay performance and unsurpassed reliability. We make our technology accessible to basic life science and clinical researchers alike by offering instruments to fit every application, budget, and research environment. DISCOVERY WORKBENCH software is efficiently designed for acquiring and analyzing high quality assay data using our instruments.



Our immunoassay technology provides unmatched analytical performance and customer value. We design assays for a wide variety of biomedical and pharmacologic research applications. In addition, our immunoassay technology eliminates many of the difficulties associated with other platforms while providing higher sensitivity and accuracy, superior result reliability, and faster, simpler workflows. MULTI‑SPOT panels multiply these benefits by quantifying multiple analytes simultaneously from a single, small-volume sample.

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