How do I read a partial plate?

SECTOR instruments read plates in sectors. For example, the SECTOR Imager 6000 divides the plate into six groups of 16 wells on a 96-well plate. You may specify the sectors (not individual wells) that will be read.

To read specific sectors:

a) When setting up a run, select your plate configuration from the dropdown “Plate Type” menu under “Setup”. Do not use “Read from Bar Code.”

b) Select the “Read” checkbox and enter the number of plates to be read in the text field. Only then will the “Partial Plate” option box become active.

c) Select the “Partial Plate” option box. By default, sectors are not selected and are shown in gray. Select the sectors to be read by clicking anywhere in a sector. Alternatively, you can click “All” to select all sectors, then deselect the ones you don’t want.

d) Click “Run”. The “Run Options” dialog window will open. The selected sectors will be identified in the “Setup Selections” window.

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