Novel technologies for the discovery and quantitation of biomarkers of toxicity.

Collings, F.B., Vaidya, V.S.
Journal   Toxicology.
Analytes Measured  
Matrix Tested  
Year   2008
Volume   245
Page Numbers   167-174
Application   Toxicology
Reliable biomarkers of toxicity are necessary both for the safe conduct of pre-clinical and clinical trials, and are increasingly needed for accurate clinical evaluation of treatment regimens with the potential to cause tissue injury. Recent advances in technology have added several new tools to the biomarker screening toolkit and improved the throughput of existing quantitative assays. Genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics have provided a wealth of data in the search for predictive, specific biomarkers. Multiplexed ELISA-based assay systems, silicon nanowire arrays, and patterned paper present unique abilities for fast, efficient sample analysis over a broad dynamic range. Powerful integrative systems biology software and growing open-source data repositories offer new ways to share, reduce, and analyze data from multiple sources. Novel technologies reviewed here have the potential to significantly reduce assay time and cost and improve the sensitivity of screening methods for candidate biomarkers of toxicity.

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