Prolactin is a peptide hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates breast development and lactation in mammals. Prolactin also acts as a growth factor binding to cytokine like receptors to exert its influence on hematopoiesis and angiogenesis. In summary, prolactin has been associated with 300 functions in the body including reproductive, immunoregulation, osmoregulation, metabolic, growth and development, brain and behavioral functions. High level of prolactin in circulation (hyperprolactinaemia) can be caused by pregnancy, thyroid underactivity and benign pituitary tumors. High prolactin level also suppresses the ovulatory cycle. Low level of prolactin in circulation (hypoprolactinaemia) is rare and can be caused by pituitary underactivity.


Prolactin Singleplex Products

Our Prolactin immunoassays provide fast, accurate, reproducible, and highly sensitive measurements of Prolactin. MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology uses simple protocols, requires minimal sample, and quantifies analyte concentration over a wide dynamic range.


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