The Interleukin-17 (IL-17) cytokines are emerging as key regulators of initiation and maintenance of the proinflammatory immune response. The family consists of six related molecules: IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E, and IL-17F. These molecules have a molecular mass of 20–30 kDa and share 20–50% homology to IL-17A. IL-17D is preferentially expressed in skeletal muscle, brain, adipose tissue, heart, lung, and pancreas. It likely plays a role in local immune responses at the site of structural damage, such as that observed in trauma, myocardial infarction, or stroke. It is also possible that IL-17D is important to growth or repair of those tissues after damage. IL-17D may amplify the local primary immune response to rapidly produce a localized infiltration of T-cells to clear damaged cells, while suppressing myeloid progenitor cell production and promoting repair.


IL-17D Singleplex Products

Our IL-17D immunoassays provide fast, accurate, reproducible, and highly sensitive measurements of IL-17D. MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology uses simple protocols, requires minimal sample, and quantifies analyte concentration over a wide dynamic range.


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IL-17D Multiplex Products

Our multiplex panels let you process up to 10 analytes simultaneously in each well of a MULTI-SPOT microplate. They provide the same outstanding performance as our singleplex immmunoassays while saving money, sample, and time.


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