HSP27 (Heat Shock Protein 27) is one of the smaller members of the ubiquitous heat shock protein family whose expression is regulated by cellular stresses, growth factors, and inflammatory cytokines. The function of heat shock protein overexpression is to increase cellular resistance to temperature and oxidative shock, chemicals, and other environmental insults. In addition to changes in expression, HSP27 is phosphorylated on several serines (15, 78, 82) during the stress response. HSP27 is phosphorylated by MAPKAP kinase 2 during induction of the p38 MAP kinase pathway. Following phosphorylation, HSP27 undergoes oligomeric reorganization to facilitate its molecular chaperone, protein scaffolding, and cellular protective functions. HSP27 also functions to inhibit translation during heat shock by binding to initiation factor eIF4G. Due to the diversity of its protein interactions, HSP27 has been implicated in the control of cell growth, prevention of apoptosis, and both migration and dysfunction of smooth muscle cells.


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Our multiplex panels let you process up to 10 analytes simultaneously in each well of a MULTI-SPOT microplate. They provide the same outstanding performance as our singleplex immmunoassays while saving money, sample, and time.


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