EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) is a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase, consisting of a ligand-binding extracellular domain, a single transmembrane domain, an intracellular protein-tyrosine kinase catalytic domain, and a tyrosine-containing cytoplasmic tail. EGFR (ErbB1/HER1) is one of a family of four ErbB/HER (1-4) receptor tyrosine kinases, each essential to embryonic survival. Upon binding its ligand EGF, the EGFR forms hetero- or homodimers. Dimerization results in the activation of its intrinsic tyrosine kinase activity and the phosphorylation of multiple tyrosines in the cytoplasmic domain, including Tyr992, Tyr1068, Tyr1086, Tyr1148, and Tyr1173. Due to its central role in many cellular physiological processes, EGFR overexpression and aberrant signaling is associated with many types of cancer, making EGFR an attractive target for chemotherapeutic drug development.


EGFR Singleplex Products

Our EGFR immunoassays provide fast, accurate, reproducible, and highly sensitive measurements of EGFR. MSD’s MULTI-ARRAY technology uses simple protocols, requires minimal sample, and quantifies analyte concentration over a wide dynamic range.


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EGFR Multiplex Products

Our multiplex panels let you process up to 10 analytes simultaneously in each well of a MULTI-SPOT microplate. They provide the same outstanding performance as our singleplex immmunoassays while saving money, sample, and time.


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Related Custom Assays

The following related assays are not in our catalog but may be available as custom orders. Custom orders are typically shipped in 3 to 6 weeks. You may request pricing and availability for the assays below using our Custom Assay Quote Request form.

  • EGFR (pTyr1068) - Human
  • Phospho-EGFR Tyr1173 -
  • sEGFR - Human
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