V-PLEX Plus Human Cytokine 36-Plex Kit


The V-PLEX platform offers analytically validated singleplex and multiplex assay kits. Developed under rigorous design control, V-PLEX kits provide accurate and reproducible results with consistency from lot to lot. The V-PLEX Plus Human Cytokine 36-Plex Kit includes 36 biomarkers associated with the inflammatory response and immune system regulation (Table 1). The assays can be used for quantitative measurements in the sample types listed in the “Specifications” tab below and offer detection limits (LLODs and LLOQs) in the sub- to low pg/mL range.

V-PLEX Plus kits include controls, wash buffer, and plate seals.

AnalyteLLODLLOQULOQDynamic RangeUnit
Eotaxin3.2612.31,1203.26 - 1,120pg/mL
Eotaxin-31.7710.23,7501.77 - 3,750pg/mL
GM-CSF0.160.8427500.16 - 750pg/mL
IFN-γ0.371.769380.37 - 938pg/mL
IL-1α0.092.852780.09 - 278pg/mL
IL-1β0.050.6463750.05 - 375pg/mL
IL-20.090.899380.09 - 938pg/mL
IL-40.020.2181580.02 - 158pg/mL
IL-50.144.415620.14 - 562pg/mL
IL-60.060.6334880.06 - 488pg/mL
IL-70.120.8515630.12 - 563pg/mL
IL-80.070.5913750.07 - 375pg/mL
IL-8 (HA)95.671343,40095.6 - 43,400pg/mL
IL-100.040.2982330.04 - 233pg/mL
IL-12/IL-23p400.331.322,2500.33 - 2,250pg/mL
IL-12p700.111.223150.11 - 315pg/mL
IL-130.244.213530.24 - 353pg/mL
IL-150.150.7745250.15 - 525pg/mL
IL-162.8319.11,8702.83 - 1,870pg/mL
IL-17A0.313.193,6500.31 - 3,650pg/mL
IL-17A Gen. B0.4135.861,9500.413 - 1,950pg/mL
IL-210.1936.126500.193 - 650pg/mL
IL-220.272.783250.27 - 325pg/mL
IL-230.2744.63,2500.274 - 3,250pg/mL
IL-274.238.713,0004.20 - 13,000pg/mL
IL-310.4464.226500.446 - 650pg/mL
IP-100.371.375000.37 - 500pg/mL
MCP-10.091.093750.09 - 375pg/mL
MCP-40.181.494720.18 - 472pg/mL
MDC1.2288.33,7001.22 - 3,700pg/mL
MIP-1α3.0213.87433.02 - 743pg/mL
MIP-1β0.171.885200.17 - 520pg/mL
MIP-3α0.050.753250.050 - 325pg/mL
TARC0.223.321,1200.22 - 1,120pg/mL
TNF-α0.040.692480.04 - 248pg/mL
TNF-β0.080.4654580.08 - 458pg/mL
VEGF-A1.127.75621.12 - 562pg/mL

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