U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (human)

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U-PLEX Combos offer popular panels of biomarkers that have been grouped together for convenient ordering. They have been tested for multiplex compatibility and are fulfilled as a kit. The U-PLEX TH1/TH2 Combo (human) contains 10 assays involved in inflammation, in particular the Th1/Th2 pathways (Table 1). The assays can be used for quantitative measurements in the sample types listed in the "Specifications" tab below, and offer detection limits (LLODs) in the sub- to low pg/mL range.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
IFN-γ1.7 - 17,000pg/mL
IL-1β0.15 - 3,800pg/mL
IL-20.70 - 1,900pg/mL
IL-40.076 - 2,100pg/mL
IL-50.24 - 4,000pg/mL
IL-80.15 - 2,200pg/mL
IL-100.14 - 3,700pg/mL
IL-12p700.69 - 5,300pg/mL
IL-133.1 - 1,900pg/mL
TNF-α0.51 - 3,700pg/mL

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