U-PLEX Human BAFF-R/TNFRSF13C 384-Well Assay

Human BAFF-R TNFRSF13C Calibrator Curve K151K7K
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The U-PLEX platform offers validated components that can be combined to create high quality assays quickly and easily. The U-PLEX Human BAFF-R/TNFRSF13C 384-well Assay has the essential components for an assay that measures BAFF-R/TNFRSF13C in a single-analyte format on 384-well plates. For information on multiplexing BAFF-R/TNFRSF13C with other analytes, please see U-PLEX Custom Immuno-Oncology Group 1 (human) Assays.

Related Key Terms:
B-cell activating factor receptor, BAFFR, CD268, CVID4, BAFF-R, BROMIX, TNFRSF13C, BAFF receptor, B-cell regulation, T-cell regulation, B-cell maturation, costimulation of T-cells, autoimmunity, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis

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